Sustainable Green Home Builder Western North Carolina
Glover-Lorish House


The Glover-Lorish house is a gold certified Healthy Built Home built partially on a Superior Wall (insulated, precast concrete) foundation and partially on slab on grade. An energy recovery ventilator exhausts stale air and filters and circulates fresh air through a dedicated duct system in this very tight and well insulated house. Two inches of foamboard was added to the foundation wall and 11 inches of open cell polyurethane was sprayed under the roof deck.



Details of note

  • Water distribution is organized in a manifold system in which each plumbing fixture has a dedicated supply line to ensure consistent water pressure.

  • Roof-mounted, evacuated solar tubes provide hot water when the sun shines

  • A pellet stove in the living room provides ambiance and efficient heating

  • All rainwater that strikes the property stays on the property with a combination of pervious paving and a dry creek bed that conducts water to a water retention pond.

  • A remote-mounted exhaust fan tied to a dampered duct system silently exhausts moist air only from those spaces requiring drying.