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"My experience with Mark Bondurant and Rare Earth Builders was the best building experience, yet!  This was my third project from the ground up and our healthy built home turned out beautifully.  Mark is a true gentleman and he surrounds himself with a fine crew.  The site was always managed well, clean, and efficient.  Each member offered creative and cost effective ideas while maintaining a quality of workmanship far exceeding our expectations.   The efficiency of our home was put through a test this winter, and has come through with flying colors........power bills still low, and all systems in tact.   We love our home, and we love the guys who built it......I would and do recommend them to anyone I know."
-Nancy Fraser
"With plans in hand, we started asking around for the best builder to handle our green building project.  Mark Bondurant's name was suggested by our architect and other people we knew in the area who had experience with green builders.  We interviewed Mark and were impressed with both his knowledge and his integrity.  We trusted him immediately and he never let us down.

Mark has a talented and personable work crew.  They worked hard and were easy to talk to.  Mark seems to only hire the type of people who are more like friends than normal laborers.  They really take pride in their work.   One of best things about Mark is that he answers his phone.  In this day and age that is refreshing.

Our house was completed in a timely manner and we are 100% satisfied with the results."

-Charlie Sheppard
"Mark and his crew from Rare Earth Builders created an incredible one of a kind home for me in 2004.  In addition to all the great solar features and designs inherent in the architectural plan, he and his crew added an element of artistry and craftsmanship to the design that was truly wonderful to see unfold, and which still amazes me as I look around my home.  I love the unexpected nooks and crannies and special touches, such as curved window sills and arches over doors.
But beyond building and craftsman skills, Mark stands out in his profession for his integrity, reliability and honesty.  I was not able to be around for much of the hands-on building, but felt totally able to rely on his judgment and advice.  He was easy to work with, listened well, and gladly let me try my hand at anything I did have time for."

-Nettie White

"Mark Bondurant and his Rare Earth Builders crew were recommended to us by our architect when we wanted to remodel our retirement home in Black Mountain.  Seems they had worked on her home as well. 

We have been consistently impressed with the high degree of professionalism, honesty and care that went into our project and are completely satisfied with the entire process.  We were absentee owners during the project, living some nine hours away by car.

We were in good hands the entire time and the finished home is even more beautiful than we had imagined it would be when we started. 
Thanks Mark."

-Richard  and Joy McConnell
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"They rocked it. I hired Mark because we have a similar aesthetic vision. We also both are committed to sustainability—within reason and given cost limitations.

An added bonus is that he and his team are incredibly nice folks whom I enjoyed spending time with every day. Defying most home renovators belief, I was bummed when REB finished our project. Our dog was even sadder than me. He now greets any man carrying a toolbox as if he's an old friend. Surely they’re carrying lunch scraps for him, right?

Because Mark and his team left me with such an amazing addition to our home, I recovered pretty quickly after they left the premises. Solid, tight construction and serious attention to detail are hallmarks of REB. Plus Mark has a wonderful aesthetic eye, adding details that never would have occurred to me—including curved built-in bookshelves, plaster-textured walls, and an arched doorway.

I’m considering further renovations just so I can invite the team back for a while. Plus the dog would be thrilled."

-A.F. Glenn
"The whole experience was life changing as I learned so much in the process. Whenever I tell my friends that the build was seamless and actually fun, they are amazed. I credit that to your knowledge of the industry, your willingness to discuss even the simplest detail, the time you took to help me make decisions and your prompt attention and response to all calls and emails. Your crew was polite, fun, professional, attentive, timely and always willing to answer my questions."

-Victoria Ann Lamberti