Sustainable Green Home Builder Western North Carolina
Featured Projects

Glenn House - Contemporary green house, with Butterfly Roof, SIPS and locally sourced materials.
Glenn House
Glover-Lorish House - Healthy Built Home certified Gold.  Uses superior wall, erv, solar hotwater, and super insulation
Glover-Lorish House
Fraser House - Passive Solar home, Healthy Built Home certified gold, solar collectrs, wrap around porch.
Fraser House
Pritchett-Castiglione House - Arts and Crafts inspired, Passive solar, Healthy Built Home certified Gold
Pritchett-Castiglione House
Ammoms House - geodesic dome, ICFs, and radiant heating.
Ammoms House
Lamberti House - Healthy Built Home certified silver, remodel, super insulation.
Lamberti House
White House - American Southwest adobe, using autoclaved concrete, renewable and natural materials
White House
Sheppard-Raye House - Solar electric/water, water storage, recycled materials
Sheppard-Raye House
Fitten-Jones House