Sustainable Green Home Builder Western North Carolina
About Us

After millions of years of evolution, our lives and the lives of countless other truly amazing creatures have become uniquely suited to the Earth's biosphere. Nowhere else have we found such a hospitable, nurturing home in the vast universe. Thus the name Rare Earth.

We believe it is urgent that humankind--with humility and deep appreciation--assume the role of caretaker for this blue planet. We at Rare Earth Builders are seeking to contribute to the healing of Earth by using more sustainable practices within the realm of human shelter.

If you are planning to build or remodel a home, please give us the opportunity to discuss your project
and provide you a quote. You’ll be glad you did.


We have the experience and will avoid many of the costly mistakes that some of the newcomers to green
building may make. We have been building green homes in western North Carolina since 1999.

   Our fee is modest and our overhead is low. Our fee to manage your project is fixed and based on the estimated
cost of your project. We keep the fee as competitive as we can and still ensure viability for the company. We
are a classic small business operated out of a home office. Our operation is kept lean to provide you the best
value for your money.

   Our carpenters and craftsmen are top notch. Over the years we have sifted through a host of carpenters and
tradesmen to arrive at a crew and subcontractors who are conscientious, skilled, courteous and dependable.

   We provide exceptional service. We know we succeed or fail based on the experience of our customers.

   We love what we do and approach each new project with creativity and a sense of anticipation and delight. All
members of our team, crew and tradesmen, are team players and they know we rely on their suggestions to
make our services and the final product even better.